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Java Telnet example : testing remote service state

In most of the cases in daily job, you must have get into some situation where you needed to telnet to a machine. Although telnet is not a secure way to access remote machine, but still it can be useful if all we want to know if the particular service port on particular machine is running or not(for example you want to check say on local ip address 192.168.110 on port 3389 the RDP service is running or not and there may be other cases)

Below, we will be showing up sample code in java which you can use the automate the process. This can also be used anywhere like if you are writing a service to report health of the multiple services, just a case.; import; import; public class JavaTelnetExample { private static final String RDP_SERVER = ""; private static final int RDP_SERVER_PORT = 3389; private static final String HTTP_SERVER = ""…