Installing Jenkins on Apache Tomcat Server

First of all if you have not installed the Apache Tomcat Server, We will be going to install it on Windows following the below steps :
  • Download the Apache Server from Url :

  • Extract the Tomcat zip folder
  • Navigate to to 'conf' directory, path may be somewhat like '..\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M8\conf' from where you have extracted the zip.
  • Open the Server.xml file and edit the PORT where you want the Tomcat to listen for the requests

  • Now start Command Prompt and go to '..\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M8\bin' and call 'startup.bat'
  • Now start a browser and navigate to url '<your_system_ip:port_specified_in_step4>'. Example :
    • You should see Tomcat Successfully installed page. Congratulation!

Now, we will be moving to next part of configuring Jenkins behind the Tomcat Server  :
  •  Download Jenkins.war file from
  • Once downloaded, unzip and move the jenkins.war to directory '.\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M8\webapps'
  • Restart the Tomcat. CTRL+C or call the .\apache-tomcat-9.0.0.M8\bin\shutdown.bat' and then start again.
    • Now when you navigate to, you should see jenkins successfully installed.

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