Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Address is invalid on local machine, or port is not valid on remote machine

This issue is caused generally when your Java attempts to use an IPV6 address, where either OS does not support it or its not set up properly. You may get this issue while running your java program from CMD, Java IDE or when downloading jar dependency using maven etc.

So, to resolve this you just need to tell your java code to use IPV4 instead of IPV6 :)

"To fix when running from Command prompt. Just add the properly as: "
java <Your Java Class to Run>

" TO fix when running from Java IDE. Suppose Intellij IDEA: "
Set the property under Run -> Edit Configuration

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hide photos videos on your Android mobile without any software

So, everybody may have got the issue with hiding personal videos or images on their mobile phones. And also there are lot of software to serve the purpose but the problem with them is that either good ones are paid or not that good.

Here i will show you the way to hide any files mainly images/videos from your android gallery.

1. On your Android mobile phone, first download and install a File manager if you does not have already.  Here, i have used the 'ES File Explorer' which you can download freely from the Google play.

2. Open the File Explorer -> Go to its Settings ->  Set 'Show Hidden Files' to 'ON'

3. Create a new folder in File Manager with name ".hide". You can see that created folder is faded as compared to other folders with does not start with a "."

                                 [ Here you can pick any name but is should start with a "." ]

3.Move you all the files images/videos to ".hide" folder, Go and check in gallery now they are not visible there : ) 

4.  Now, if you want to view the hidden stuff yourself then you can:
  1. View directly by going to hidden folder from the File Explorer.
  2. Or can rename the hidden folder by removing the "." from the front it will be again visible in Gallery.    Again then you can add "." in folder name to hide it again :)

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