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How i tricked IntelliJ IDEA ultimate edition to keep running even after the trial period.

Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate edition allow to use its IDE for 30 days for free but after that it ask you to register else it get closed after every 30 minutes run, which is bad bad bad :(

So what i noticed and did to overcome this, i wanted to share with you all.Actually, i noticed that its IDE saves the current system time and on basis of that it gets closed after 30 minutes.

So i created a batch script which reset the time every 20 minutes so the IDE run time does not over and you get it running till you want :) :) :) :)

Copy and save the below commands with name 'tReset.bat' and start after starting your Intellij ultimate edition. <!-Code Start--->
@echo off :start REM : Save the current time in a variable FOR /F %%G IN ('time /t') DO Set cTime=%%G REM Displaye current time echo %cTime% REM Sleep for 20 minutes Sleep 20 REM Reset the time time %cTime% goto start <!-Code End--->
Thanks :) :) :)

NOTE:  You can use it the above solution at you…