Monday, October 29, 2012

Install windows from bootable USB DRIVE/Pendrive

Hello friends,

Most of the time my friends asks me to help them install windows to their system via USB pen drive. So today I am going to write down the steps to make win7/vista bootable pen drive.

To make a bootable pendrive . You should have –
 Atleast 4 to 8 Gb pendrive.
 Windows 8/7/vista DVD or Windows 8/7/DVD image 

So once you have it.
10 Steps to make your pen drive boot-able :.
1.       Plugin your pendrive to your PC or laptop.
2.       Go to ‘My Computer’ and format the pen drive.
3.       Now open command prompt with Administrator priviledges.
(Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > command prompt , right click on command prompt and run it as an administrator.)
4.       When command prompt opens,enter the following command in series as written below
a.       DISKPART   ,  and press enter.

b.      LIST DISK  , press enter.
Once 'LIST DISK' command is completed. From the results remember the disk name of your pen drive. As in my case my USB name is “Disk 2”. So we will be using ‘Disk 2 ’ in our example.
Now, execute the following command one by one.


Now,don’t close the command prompt.
5.       Put your windows disk in you CD ROM (if your system CD ROM is  not working then you can use windows image file and mount it to virtual CD ROM).Now suppose your windows CD ROM drive is  “E:”.
6.       Then go to command prompt and execute following command.

E:\> CD BOOT. Press enter  (Here ‘E:’ is your windows 7/vista disk drive name)
E:\BOOT> BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 D:  (Here ‘D:’ is your USB disk drive name).

7.       Once above commands is executed. close the command prompt.
8.       Select all the files from your windows 8/7/Vista disk and copy them to your USB drive.Now USB is ready to boot windows.
9.       Now restart windows and boot from USB.(You can change boot priority in BIOS)
10.   Windows installation will start as normally like windows disk.(Enjoy : ))

If you find any problem ,then feel free to ask question and leave your comments…

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